CWAT Chapter 25: Diamonds

November 2012


I was getting ready to leave for my promotion tour, I was going to be doing 7 shows, in 7 days, in 7 different countries, Crazy huh? Yea I know but I go hard, and plus my baby supports me. He can’t be by my side because he is doing promo for his tour also and he has rehearsals. I want to do something nice for him, because he has been doing all these nice things for me. I was going to miss him like crazy, I had to go a whole week without seeing him when he is spoiling me by seeing me everyday right now.

I was getting ready to do my SNL performance, this was going to be the first time that I was going to be performing my new single live. The video was amazing, and while I wish that Chris could be in the video I found the perfect way to represent him.

“5 minutes Rihanna” the producer came to my room to tell me.

I stood up and put my Cameo jacket on, laced up my timbs that my baby got me and I walked out to the stage. I had my phone in my head and it started vibrating.

Babe: go in and let have bitch!!!!

I laughed hard as fuck

Me: where did you get that from

Babe: the tv was on and I was painting and I went to sit and down and this gay show was on and they just said it. It was funny as fuck actually

Me: babe your special you know that

Babe: and your look georgous you know that

Me: awwww babe stop before you make me cry

Babe: don’t cry, just got sing your heart out. Sing our song girl. I’m watching.

Me: ok baby I have to go now, but I love you :)

Babe: I love you too

I handed my phone to Jenn and got mic’d up then went out and did just as my man said. I sung to him.

“fine light in beautiful sea I choose to be happy

you and I you and I were like diamonds in the sky

you’re a shooting star I see and vision of ecstasy

when you hold me I’m alive were like diamonds in the sky

I knew that we’d be come one right away

Oh right away

At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays

I saw the life inside of you

So shine bright tonight

You and I

We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky

Eye to eye so alive

We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky

Shine bright like a diamond”


My baby look so damn good in this dress and the necklace that I got her. I couldn’t wait for her to get her ass back home. I was only going to have a couple of days with her before she left, which sucked ass but at least it was something. I was going to miss her life crazy for our days apart, I always miss her.

2 days later

Today was the day of my big boy interview, and my baby comes back today. I’m excited as hell, it felt like she has been gone for a life time but she’s only been gone for like 4 days.

“We on in 5 CB”

“Oh ok cool” I let the PA know.

“You still good on the questions right CB?” Tina asked me

“Yea I’m cool with those questions T, I gotta talk about It sometime right?”

“I mean if you just would’ve thought before you put the damn video out in the first place-“

“Not this again T, look I did it, it’s done. It didn’t make anyone of them look bad just me and shit, I’ve been looking bad for what 4 years now right?

“Well how do you expect to change that if you keep doing stuff like this?”

“I cant change the way people about me T, I learned that last year. So now I don’t give a fuck, hate me all you want. Either way you still thinking about what I’m doing.” Tina was starting to irritate me today. 

“Ok we are on in 5….4…..3….2….1”

“Good morning and welcome to the big boys neighborhood, we have a very special guest in the studio this morning, who is more like family then a guest. We have Chris brown back in the studio today.”

“Yea yea, what’s up?”

“What’s been going on with you?”

“Just working man getting ready to go on tour”

“Whats going on with Chris brown the actor, have you put that on hold?”

“I try to balance it out, I’ve just done a movie called battle of the year, it’s my first break dancing film that I’ve done.

“Ok, now I heard you name came up for playing the main character in 50 shades of Grey?”

“Yea I heard that, I mean I read the book I think it will be dope, but I know the characters is white so I know that will be the first thing they would get on me for  ha ha.” Yea I’ma freak, I wanna do some of that shit with my baby, we gotta order some handcuffs and shit.

“Nicole Scherzinger’s name came up also, now how is she in bed?”

“ummm ohhh WOW! I would I would love to know.” We both laughed

“He had to think on that for a minute.”

“Yea I had to think on that for a minute, like dang I never got that.”

“Like man I never hit that.”

“Aye but I wish I did though” I’m lying, I hope my baby don’t trip. Ha ha I know she don’t care about that shit.

“Ok we were talking about this off air and I said I had to bring It on air. I gottta do it.”

“Ok lets do it?”

“Aye Chris what is a Chris brown drought?”

“Like the longest I have gone from actually intercourse?”


“Ummm from like the time I was 21 to now I would say like 3 weeks.”

“So from the time you turned 21 to now the longest you’ve gone without is 3 weeks?”

“Yea” this was a true answer, I always had some female trying to be on my dick but also I was in a lot of little relationships at this time. With Draya, then Jasmine, then Kae. But I should’ve said from 21 to the beginning of 23 because I didn’t fuck Kae for months while I was hanging out with Robyn. But now my dick getting much attention I should just walk around with no pants on.

“ok How do you get girls to come home with you, you know it’s the end of the night and the club is winning down, and you start going down the list and you got your old faithful. Like how do you get her outta your room or ya crib the next day?”

“I just let them know, like I got a lot of stuff to do. I just be honest. You know like they know I say you can come over and lets chill, I’m not saying you gotta over and lets do something”

“Like come over a lets watch a movie?”

“Yea well that’s code for let me get the booty” I said, which I should know because I used that on Robyn ass last week.

“Hello, be like come over a watch a dvd and don’t even have a dvd player in room, she be like what we bout to watch, and you say my dick bitch.” Yo big boy was crazy as hell man. I laughed so hard off that.

“So they already know, so whens is like 6 or 7 in the morning and you be like yea I got that photoshoot or whatever.”

“Yea I mean it depends, its two serinos one for in a relationship and one for being single. If we talking about being single then-“

“Right then she be talking about, I’m not getting outta here boy what is you taking about?” he started talking in Ri’s accent, this nigga was wildling today man.

“aye man you funny.”

“Oh no my bad” I was laughing hard as hell

“I’m not sneaking over no wall what is you talking about jump over the wall in the backyard, im gonna walk out the front door. You be like naw baby but the public aint cool with it yet, I’m going out the front door Chris, bye I’ll meet you at the tattoo shop so we can get matching tattoos ha ha fill in the blanks” This nigga was spot on too. Man I loved big boy. 

“ha ha I love you man”

“Love you too man”

“Ok this is it, Gold, Sliver, bronze. You have Chris brown, Omarion, Usher. Who’s gold?”

“ummmm………I’m diamond”


“Shine bright like a diamond” I start laughing. At someone body singing that in the background. Yes that’s my baby.

“Aye who’s song is that?” big boy asked. I laughed a little. Now they was about to make me think about my baby all over again.

“am I’m not tryna take away from them I just strive to be the best.”

The people in the background where answering his question.

“That would be Rihanna’s song.” My face lit up, and I started smiling, damn this girl got me man.

“ha ha y’all funny naw I just I just stri- stri- strive por..for..prefection…. I cant get it out”

“What? Woah.”

“Y’all making me laugh bruh”

“Aye you notice everytime you mention Rihanna name his eyes roll in his head and he start stuttering.”

“he does and it’s cute” Liz said

“I can’t help it man”

After the interview was over, I had to go to rehearsal for my tour and this was going to take all damn day, but by the time I got home my baby should be there, I think my mom was picking her up from the airport since she missed her so much. Mom be tryna steal my girl and I’m not happy about that.


Mama J

“How are you doing angel” I asked her as she walked into the restaurant.

“I’m doing good mama, how have you been?”

“I’ve been great baby.” We hugged and walked over to the table.

“You know before I came here Chris told me that this lunch was on him, and to tell you to make sure you order red velvet cake.” The smile that spread across her face was huge, it was the same goofy smile that he has on his face when you mention her name to him. I heard him on the radio today and he was a shuttering fool. The same way he was he was 17 and he had a big crush on her.

“So did you ever met his, I mean what’s her name?” I asked her. I don’t really know the girls name.

“Oh yea she came over to his house the other day to try and get more money out of him for the line that her gave her”

“How much has he already given her? And did he give her give cash money?”

“No he had his accountant put it in to her company account, but of course she has no business sense and she is not smart enough to hire anyone that actually knows what they are doing. She must think he will help her, but he shut up down. I think he invested like $5,000.”

“That’s good, he doesn’t need to be giving her any more, he feels guilty so that’s why he does things for her. I hope you don’t take it to personal.”

“No I don’t. I already warned her.”

“You didn’t angel.”

“Yes I did mama, she was trying me. The green eyes monster just came out.”

“You and Chris still need to work on controlling your anger.”

“But when we are together we doing even have those fights anymore. We don’t get in each other faces or anything like that.”

“That’s because you guys are in the honeymoon stage right now, and you are around each other a lot. I’m just saying make sure before you both go on tour that you have talked about everything and set your bounders. You both are older and have lost each other before in a horrible way, make sure the if you guys drift apart again it’s because you want to break up, not because your forced to.”

“I hear you mama”

“Good, now order your cake because you know Chris will ask.” She laughed. We finished our lunch and she got her cake and I used the money Chris left me to pay for the meal. The boy gave me $500 for lunch. What did he think we were about to eat?


As we were leaving I had to ask mama a serious question.

“Mama what do you put in your spaghetti?”

“Why angel?”
“I want to do something special for Chris, he has been spoiling me like crazy with gifts and nice dates. I want to do something for him.”

“That’s sweet baby, I will text you everything I use.” I nodded my head and we hugged and said our goodbyes. I got in my car and the driver took off. 5 minutes later she texted me the ingredients and I stopped by the store to get what I needed.

Chris was going to be at rehearsal until 10, it was just a little after 5 by the time I got to his house. I used my key, yep I got a key, to let myself in. The game was coming on and I know he wanted to watch the later game, but because he was working he couldn’t. I recorded it for him on his DVR and he can watch It later. I started cook the food, I picked spaghetti because that’s his favorite along with Gatorade. 

It was almost 10:30 and I knew he would be home soon. I went upstairs and got dressed for tonight. Then I heard the door open and I rushed downstairs.


I walked into my house and I smelled food, bomb ass food at that.

“Babe!” I called out. Then I saw her coming down the stairs in an apron with a big weed leaf on it, and the Prada heels that I brought her for her birthday. She walked over to me.

“Hey baby. How was rehearsal?” she hugged be and that’s when I noticed.

“It was good. You naked huh?” I smiled big as fuck, she start blushing. Oh I love this girl.

“Come, let’s get to you to the shower while I finish making the food. It should be ready by the time you are finished.” She grabbed by the hand and led me upstairs to my room. She started the shower then undressed me.

“You gonna bathe me too?”

“No, I’m going to cook” I laughed

“Ok baby” She went back downstairs. I don’t know what she was up to but I was interested. I took my shower and got dressed in some sweats and a wife beater, then went back downstairs.

“Sit on the couch” she told me. I went over to the couch and took my seat. I grabbed my remote.

“No let me do that.” She said, and I put the remote down. She walked over with a plate of food in one hand and a Gatorade in the other.

“Here you go baby” he handed it to me, than bent over with her ass in my face, making my dick jump slightly and she got the remote. She went through my DVR records and she selected something. I didn’t really look because I was still looking at her ass. I heard the announcer I looked and up and it was the basketball game that I missed. Then I finally looked at the plate and it was spaghetti, AHH SHIT!!!

“baby, you made me spaghetti, and taped the game?” I asked putting some of the food in my mouth, this shit tasted just like my mamas.

“Yea baby, your mama told me what to get.” I love this woman so fucking much. She is my dream, no clothes on, food ready, and recorded the game. I don’t know what she want but damn it what ever it is I will go get it tonight.

“Slow down baby, here let me.” She grabbed the plate and started feeding me, some of the sauce got on her finger and she licked it off. That shit was sexy as fuck. She finished feeding me and I drank my juice.

“Damn baby that was good. Thank you babe.”

“Your welcome now lets watch the rest of the game.” It was already in the second quarter and my team was up by 5 but this was a good ass game. He had her leg draped over mine and she started rubbing her leg against mine. I was still too much into the game to pay attention though. But I knew it I felt her pulling on my sweats and her hand started stroking my manhood.

“So you started huh?” she smiled at me, and continued what she was doing, that shit felt bomb as fuck.

“FUCK, why your hands so hot baby.”

“I got some heating oil.”

“I love that shit” she started stroked faster. It was started to get hard to watch the game while she was stroking my dick like this. It was only 2 minutes left before half time. She got down off the couch and got down in front of me. She replaced her hands with her mouth.

“GOT DAMN BABY” that shit was feeling so damn good, soon my eyes wasn’t on the TV no more, they was on her. I helped her out by moving her hair out the way. Her sexy ass green eyes were looking up at me, got damn this is the sexiest shit ever. Watching her go up and down on my dick with her mouth with her eyes glued on mine. She started to deep throat my shit. She never went this deep before nor stayed down this long.

“FUCK ROBYN…………UMMMMMMM” she started twisting her head, and playing with my balls.

“Baby ummmmmm I don’t know what you want but I will get it you for you.” she started speeding up

“oooooooo you want a island, a villa, cars?”

“FUCK!!!!!! Girl I will get you whatever you want just don’t stop.” And she didn’t. she would speed up but then stop and deep throat.

“OH MY GOD baby!!!!!! Marry me damn it.” I was so dead ass serious right now, my got damn toes were curling up. I felt my balls getting tight.


“mmmmm” she said as she swallowed then licked her fingers.

“I will marry you one day” she said.

“You better not ever do that shit to nobody else. No other nigga about to get this. You hear me?” she nodded her head.

“Good now, take this damn apron off, and dance for daddy.” She did just as I told her. It didn’t take that long for me to have her ass on my hammock tearing her walls down and making her scream my name. I love my baby.


When they have sex over seas

Chris is going to eat her out while she is coming on his dick

Her album comes out and Chris goes out and buys all the copies on the self

Chris fucks her off the bed

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